Cladding in tight corners

iClad®, our compact internal laser processing head, opens up whole new dimensions for internal contours and blind bores that could not be accessed with previously available laser processing heads. Now, access aperture diameters of just the size of a two-euro coin are enough to enable the processing of faulty bearing positions, sealings or internal cylinder coatings of components.

Up to now, protection and repair of internal contours was only possible with access aperture diameters of at least 100 mm. Now, with the special iClad® head, developed and marketed by Pallas, you can repair damaged structures and make precise modifications to material properties through an aperture of just 30 mm diameter and to a depth of 500 mm. Whether you use it in mould-, motor- or tool-making, this miniaturised internal processing head is designed for industrial-scale use and covers the complete range of surface treatment: hardening, alloying, and cladding. For your own iClad®, we provide process-specific consultancy, design, production and training, all from a single source.