Keeping things flowing smoothly

Wherever your processes have to run smoothly and you need to prevent buildup of product deposits, our PTFE coatings can help you ensure success. Whatever your specific application demands – non-stick, antifriction or insulation coatings – we have a wide range of systems at hand from which we can select the best and most cost-effective variant to meet your individual needs.

We can apply food-safe fluoropolymer coatings, not just PTFE but also coatings on PFA, MFA and FEP base, to practically every substrate – even plastic or rubber. Depending on the substrate material and the coating material, coating thicknesses range from 10 to max. 50 µm, and excel in their resistance to chemical and thermal strain. As a special layer system, they also provide reliable protection against corrosion. Their low coefficients of friction and their long-lasting resistance to temperatures up to 260°C make PTFE materials particularly suitable for coating equipment and components in the food industry and in moulding applications. Self-adhesive B coating and PEEK or nanocoatings round off our range of high-quality self- or dry-lubrication, non-stick or antifriction coatings.

Key data at a glance:




coatable base materials 

all materials that can be heated to 420°C

coating material

fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP, ...)

·      PEEK

·      self-adhesive B

·      nanocoatings

·      Rilsan®, Halar®

kiln sizes 

max.l 4.50m x 2.50m x 2.50m
(L x W X H)

weight threshold for handling 


oversizes on request