Motivation means peak performance

Our employees are a key resource in the performance profile of Pallas. They are highly motivated, highly qualified, and dedicated to meeting the challenges you face. Day after day, they continue developing and producing what our company stands for: solutions that deliver what we promise.

Our members of staff are seasoned experts in the field of optimised surfaces with vast experience of the requirements of all the various industries and processes. They are masters of all established procedures and always find the best solutions. Their courage and capacity to think out of the box enables them to come up with new methods and new combinations of working materials to meet your specific requirements. The perfect interdisciplinary interplay between them regularly produces ground-breaking results that you profit from directly. We maintain close contact to countless universities and research centres, and actively participate in research committees. This gives us continuous access not only to qualified young talent but also to the latest analytical methods. And we secure the sustainability of this leading edge through consistent basic and in-service training for every member of staff.