Prevention secures reliability

Wear and tear considerably shortens the service life of your machines and tools. With preventive wear protection, we can extend the life of your components and thus reduce the costs associated with downtimes to a minimum. We do this by taking the influencing factors into account and selecting from a range of procedures to achieve the optimal design of surface protection for your particular application.

Wear-resistant functional coatings extend the operating life of your equipment. As specialists for perfect combinations of working materials, features and procedures for highly durable surfaces – depending on the application perhaps even as duplex coatings or triplex coatings – we can significantly increase the reliability of your production process.

Key data at a glance:



Applications (examples)

hard chromium

hydraulic pistons, bearing seats, rollers

chemical nickel 

general engineering

laser coating

screw conveyors, shafts, bushings


laser alloying 

tools (stamping, bending)

laser hardening 

tools (cutting, bending), nozzles


pump parts, pushers, rollers, hydraulic pistons


rollers, sealing surfaces, electrical and thermal insulation, high-temperature application